Evaporators and
Standard Air Coolers

We have the widest range of evaporators and air coolers in the market. Hundreds of flexible design models allow us to offer the most suitable solution for any application. All this, with the highest quality and very tight delivery times.


EC cubic evaporators are high efficiency units for all types of cold rooms. The EC series comes in two available geometries, covering a huge range of sizes and applications.


ED double-acting air cool ers distribute the air in such a way as to ensure homogeneous cooling throughout the chamber without draughts. The ED series is designed for installation in chambers or corridors, where uniform air distribution is essential.


ETF 'chilled ceiling' air coolers ensure the absence of direct drafts to people in work areas or handling rooms. The ETF series is intended for installation in workrooms and corridors with limited height.


Cubic air coolers equipped with radial fans ('plug fans') AR with an ingenious plenum system. The AR series is ideal for installation with textile sleeves in workrooms or other similar applications.

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