MEGA Ammonia Cooler
with Evaporative Condenser

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The MEGA series is a range of NH3 chillers with integrated NCX series evaporative condenser. It is a very high performance chiller and offers the best COP available today.

It is presented as an ideal solution for projects where energy efficiency is the fundamental design criterion, achieving levels of efficiency never seen before in any industrial stand-alone chiller.

Compact structure and easy maintenance. Robustness in all its components to avoid vibrations and possible coolant leaks.

The compressor installed as standard is a Mycom open screw compressor.

Thanks to the design of the unit (built-in NCX, open compressor, flooded evaporator, lubrication oil, superheat control, mechanical design, etc.) the chiller can operate at very low condensing pressures in very hot locations without operating problems.


- Water cooling of oil.
- Advanced chiller control with the M-Control+ system.
- Integrated NCX condenser with GRP housing.
- Axial fans with EC motors as standard.
- Up to 2000 kW of cooling (to glycol at -4ºC) in a single unit.
- Inspection door with technical corridor for maintenance.
- Interior LED lighting.
- Optional heat recovery.
- The equipment is delivered pressurized and with Schrader + valves.

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