SBF Evaporator for Static Tunnels

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Manufactured with stainless steel tube and aluminum fin (Inox/Al). Compatible with all refrigerants (NH3, CO2, glycol, HFC, etc.). Modular design from 2 to 8 axial fans (Ø630). Fins pitch: 7-9-10-11-12 mm.

SBF evaporators are intended for installation in small/medium sized static tunnels, especially in tunnels for quick freezing of bread by trolleys or similar applications.


- Tube geometry. Tube 5/8" 50x50 in line.
- Pipe material. Stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 on request).
- Corrugated aluminum fins (0.25 mm thick), in order to turbulence the air passing through the coil and increase heat transfer.
- Stainless steel screws.
- White thermo-lacquered aluminum fairing.
- Removable side covers. Easy access to coolant connections.
- Tray insulated with polyurethane as standard to avoid condensation. Tray made entirely of GRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester), a light and resistant material, rigid, resistant to corrosion and a good thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator.
- External rotor axial fans with IP54 motors.
- Height adjustable support legs.
- The equipment is delivered pressurized and with Schrader + valves.


- Hot gas defrost in tray with check valve installed (optional).
- Water defrosting.
- Electric defrosting in coil and/or tray.
- Mixed defrosting.
- Heating rings on fans.
- Fans with powered motors for ESP greater than 200 Pa.
- Special engines.
- Mixed flap steps.
- Epoxy protected sheets.
- Stainless steel fairing.

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